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Untitled (48 hour project)

in association with

Les Projecteurs

48 hours, 5 Projecteurs, 1 kinect and 1 projector.

"Untitled", an interactive real-time double-exposure title-sequence.

Starting with a thunderous brainstorm-session and concepting, the initial idea of an interactive installation was born on Friday. The entire installation was built, designed, programmed and filmed within 48 hours.

Untitled enables participants to take part in their own personal movie title-sequence with neo-80’s influences. The titles and music were inspired on 80’s arcade games. Motion tracking data is connected to the titles, whereupon they follow the participant’s head movements. Timelapses of Eindhoven were made to act as projected content, which follow the main body movement of the participant.

The music, titled “Untitled” is primarily sampled from Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” and Calvin Harris’ “Acceptable In The 80'S”.

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